The House

General Description


The dwelling consists of two major areas distributed around a central patio. The main area was designed around an octagonal tower with four two-storey wings, and the anexed dwelling in a single storey. In addition to the principal dwelling, there are other free standing accessory constructions, including a tool shed and the swimming pool area with covered porch-bar and toilets.

The principal dwelling was designed in such a way as to have 360º views. All of the dwelling is built at the top of the property, and the design seeks to highlight the building crafts and materials used in the construction of 19th century Andalusian country estates.

Principal dwelling:

5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms + guest toilet

Technical Specifications



Foundations and structures:

Load bearing foundation footing. Structure of unidirectional slabs and bearing walls, first slab isolated from the land with air space. Sloping roof made of concrete slabs, waterproofing and insulation.


Thick exterior walls (40 cms), consisting of an external wall 25cm thick, air space with interior insulation, following the construction model used in Andalusian country estates in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Sloping, with Arab tiles recovered from country estates in ruin.


Façades and walls of the dwelling rendered with cement plaster, as traditionally done in the past, painted with lime paint with natural pigments.


The common flooring elements in the dwelling are handcrafted baked clay tiles, and depending on the room they are combined with handcrafted glazed insets, tropical wood insets or boards or river pebbles.

Wall covering:

Handcrafted tiles and mouldings, hand painted in Morocco and Cordoba. The countertops and shower plates are made of white marble, buffed and roughened respectively.

Interior carpentry:

The interior doors come from old estates and were restored and adapted to the dwelling. It took 2 years to find all of them. The wardrobes are made of solid pinewood with sash and glass doors.  All of the wood ceiling beams are old. The door knobs are made of wrought iron, and were specially handcrafted for the dwelling.

Exterior carpentry:

The entrance doors to the dwelling and the patio came from old country estates, and were restored and adapted. The windows, which were built in Cordoba, are made of solid wood with Climalit glass. The handles and fittings are made of brass steel. The ground floor is equipped with roll up mosquito netting.

Exterior fixtures:

Grilles on windows made of solid iron by artisan blacksmiths of Cordoba, like the ones made in old days. They are not painted, and are maintained linseed oil and a drying element.

Plumbing and fittings in bathrooms:

White porcelain Jacob Delafont bathroom fixtures and Axor HansGrohe taps, Carlton model from the 1920’s, in combination with porcelain.

Heating and air conditioning:

Under floor heating in the entire dwelling. Hot water comes from a gas oil boiler.


The electric fittings are an imitation of old ones and are made of wood, porcelain and brass.  The old French chandeliers have been restored. All of the rooms of the dwelling are equipped with telephone, wifi network and satellite television with TDT signals. Each room also has an alarm with infrared sensors. Video intercom installation.

Home automation and audiovisual equipment:

Part of the indoor and outdoor lighting is automated, as well as the heating system, which can be turned on and off with a remote control device over the phone.  LINN mullti-room sound system.


Lime paint with natural pigments. Ceilings of dining room, guest toilets and main vestibule are decorated with rural motifs painted by artists.


Designed and made with built-in masonry cabinets, tiles and wood imitating old-style kitchens. Equipped with a blue, gas Lacanche stove, with a large oven for game, plate heater and 5 burners.

Exterior Specificactions



Swimming Pool:

With a water area of 50 m2, irregular shape and pool deck. Covered area for the porch, bar and toilet. Storeroom under the covered area.


The garden is landscaped with indigenous flowers and trees. There is a small vegetable garden and a little orchard.