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The climate of Gaucin is Mediterranean, with special features that make it extremely mild and healthy, which is why many people from Gibraltar, Algeciras and other coastal towns of the area suffering from different types of illnesses move to Gaucin, where their symptoms improve. The climate of Gaucin is very mild, and thus is not affected by suffocating summer heat or extreme cold in winter, although it can snow exceptionally.

The village receives the dominating marine winds head-on, loaded with humidity as they rise through the lush valley below. The village is protected from the dry inland winds by the «Sierra del Hacho», which in turn acts as its natural water deposit. In general terms, the climate of Gaucin is mild, with one dry season and three rainy seasons.

The following are some meteorological statistics for Gaucin:

  • Annual rainfall: 1,200 litres per square meter
  • Average annual temperature: 15 degrees centigrade
  • Hours of sunlight: 2,750 annual hours

Temperatures are mild, with an average temperature of 15 degrees, with minimum annual temperatures from December to February. Isotherms for January oscillate between 10 and 12º C. In the month of August, temperatures are above 22 degrees.


Gaucin, located at 626 metres above sea level, is the western-most point of the Serranía de Ronda (Mountains of Ronda) ) in the Penibeatic mountain range. Some of the municipality’s peaks measure 200 metres. Gaucin is divided by the Genal, Guadiaro (river of gold according to pre-Roman inhabitants) and Hozgarganta rivers.


The municipality of Gaucin has an area of 98 square kilometres, and a population density of 17.6 inhabitants/km2

Gaucin has 1,720 registered inhabitants. The village also has a large community of permanent foreign residents (many from Central Europe, with a majority of British residents) but who are not officially registered.


The flora of Gaucin and surroundings includes several species of holm oaks, chestnut trees, almond trees, carob trees, black poplars and pine trees; multiple fruit trees, including pomegranates, quinces, figs, citrus fruit, apples, pears, apricots, plums, avocados, kiwis, etc.

A surprisingly large variety of aromatic herbs grow in the area, and the wild flowers are so beautiful and exuberant that Gaucin is one of the favourite destinations for wild flower enthusiasts.

In respect the local fauna, mammals include foxes and wild cats, badgers, ferrets, moles, hedgehogs, bats, wild boars. Gaucin is located on migratory bird routes from Africa, and permanent bird species in the area include birds of prey like vultures and eagles, and nightingales, partridges, quails, pigeons, woodpeckers, blackbirds,  swallows, as well as small song birds, such as goldfinches, canaries, etc.

The national park «Parque Nacional de los Arcornocales» is located to the west of Gaucin and the natural reserve of «Sierra Crestellina» to the east.